Inflexion Point Consulting services cover all aspects of defining a strategy and solving the strategic and tactical problems of execution of that strategy. Read more…


Technology challenges are not unique to high tech companies. Inflexion Point Consulting has worked with a spectrum of industries that all face the challenges of adapting to competition driven by technology life cycles. Read more…

Case Examples

Managing disruption, growth in maturing markets, navigating market convergence, competing with platforms, balancing priorities, participating in standards battles – these are the recurrent topics of technology strategy. Read more…

Inflexion Point Consulting
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Inflexion Point Consulting

Helping senior teams solve the hardest problems of technology-driven companies.

Inflexion Point Consulting provides management consulting services that help senior teams in technology-driven companies plan for and smoothly negotiate shifts in strategic direction.

We design forums for executives to develop consensus on their challenges, help structure the solutions they want to pursue and support the steps required to implement those solutions. We advocate a collaborative approach to executive decision-making that ensures cross-functional buy-in and that makes communication and implementation of decisions more effective.

Why Inflexion Point?

In math, an inflection point is the place on a curve at which its curvature changes direction: from concave to convex, from positive to negative or vice versa.

Andy Groves, longtime leader of Intel, Inc., used the term “strategic inflection point” to refer to the time a company changes its course – usually in response to fundamental competitive changes in its industry.

Although “inflection point” used in business contexts is not a technical term, the inflection points in the technology life cycle are very real and ever-increasing challenges for companies that rise or fall on the strength of their technologies.